About Advance Safety Software

Advance Safety Software is a leading provider of cloud-based Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) learning management & compliance solutions — serving all kinds of safety in all industries.

The company was founded by two professionals in different fields of work. Tired of seeing friends & colleagues meeting dangerous and even fatal disasters at the hands of improperly-managed workplace safety … from missing service components, to mistakes, and even neglected safety needs … the two decided to take safety challenges into their own hands, and help workers & companies prevent similar disasters from ever happening again.

Co-developed with the collective wisdom of experienced safety professionals in Canada, Advance Safety Software’s line of cloud-based EHS products, securely and reliably hosted on Canadian soil, are made not only to broadly fulfill all known safety & learning management needs in all industries, but also to take the pain out of doing so – using systematization and automation to simplify your training & management procedures.

Advance Safety Software’s systematization and automation makes it easy & efficient – and consequently, even more effective – for employees to be accountable & responsible for their own welfare … maintaining a well-grounded education of workplace safety, risk prevention, and risk management.

Our flagship product is a customizable & flexible white-label-ready Learning Management System that allows you to design your own courses, supporting the latest in file formats & distribution methods; track training records & equipment plus integrate a training matrix in a visual, simplified way; and create custom online forms for any kind of assessment & inspection.

Think about how the world’s most successful companies & entrepreneurs are able to thrive. Had their business practices & policies not been governed by ‘well-oiled machines’, how would these titans otherwise attain the level of success, net worth and service they have achieved and continue to achieve?

In the same way, with a ‘Well-Oiled Safety Management Machine’ in place comprising the most efficient systems & processes, YOU can save on insurance, maximize your profitability, and maximize your ability to contribute positively to your industry.

Let us hand you the blueprint to build your ‘Well-Oiled Safety Management Machine’ today – and train, educate & manage the Advance Safety Software way.

Meet the Founders

Kenneth Heath

Kenneth Heath

For the past 23 years, I have worked as a paralegal specializing in the area of traffic ticket and personal injury law.

I have witnessed first hand the devastating effect that an injury – or the loss of a loved one – as a result of an automobile or job-related accident, can have on a family.

I was introduced to the safety software business by an associate after the loss of a friend in a workplace accident. I have seen the importance of having a safety software accountability system in place, so that the workplace is optimally safe, and that workers can return home safely to their respective families each day.

MY MISSION: To provide these accountability systems & training – the very things that create optimal workplace safety, peace-of-mind & compliance with labour laws.

June Daniels

June DanielsEver since I was a young girl, fashion has always been a primary interest of mine. However, my creativity wasn’t discovered until I was about 13. It started with me making dresses for my dolls. That progressed into sewing dresses for myself. So impressed were my mom & sisters that I ended up making clothes for them – and that lead to people noticing the quality of my work as well as the styles I was creating.

That started me on my path to a career in fashion. I’ve gone on to design for everyone, from TV personalities – such as the late, great Grace Tartaglia – to complete wedding parties, as well as everyday women looking for that perfect fit with a personalized touch.

With 20+ years experience in clothes-making and fashion design, I’ve seen how poor employee welfare, poor workplace health and dangerous working conditions have proven fatal to major suppliers & manufacturers for top fashion and apparel companies – all because of a lack of advance knowledge of potential workplace hazards & disasters, and a lack of quality systems & training to prevent these safety disasters from happening in the first place.

YES, hazards and disasters are entirely preventable! Take it from the World Health Organization: if a worker gets sick, it’s less profitable for the company if the worker is treated after the fact, than it would be to invest in protection & risk prevention in advance.

Ken and I have put our heads together and founded Advance Safety Software to give back to our industries of expertise – to provide high-quality environment, health & safety (EHS) software systems and training that makes work and corporate productivity better for everyone in these industries.

MY MISSION: We aim to educate workers not only in exercising their right to refuse unsafe or hazardous work – our mission is also to provide the tools & systems that make it easier to create a greater sense of accountability & responsibility among workers, eliminate the risks of potential unsafe & hazardous work before anyone can think of them happening, and improve employers’ ability to serve their customers and thrive in the long-term.