Safety Learning Management System (LMS)

For Better Quality & Productivity of Safety Education

Is your overly complex EHS management software driving you BONKERS?
Leave it to our automated, intuitive LMS to facilitate & organize your workplace training.

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  • Flexible System Lets You Create Content-Rich Courses of Any Kind
  • Centralized All-In-One Hub to Easily Monitor Your Employees’ Learning
  • SSL-Secured Cloud-Based Solution
  • Drag-&-Drop File Management
  • Minimize Your Workload — Maximize Workplace Compliance & Productivity
  • Lets You Implement Corporate Safety Processes, Easy-to-Follow as 1-2-3

What's the Best Learning Management Solution for Health & Safety?

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In a world where Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) awareness is increasingly proliferating … workers, managers & employers are asking themselves (and each other) more & more: “How can I make my work environment safer?”

Well, what’s stopping them from making good decisions for a safer workplace?

Learning Management Systems are software applications used to create, distribute, administer & track online courses for workplace learning. However, a lot of systems can be very difficult to set up & manage — some of them could even take MONTHS to set up!

Are employees are behind with their safety training? Is your company at increased risk of undue safety disasters?

If so, then it’s probably because your current safety learning system is hindering your ability to accomplish more safety education with the same amount of effort or even less.

That’s where Advance Safety Software has stepped in to help. Our specialized online cloud-based Learning Management System is designed with automation in mind. It delivers all the power of enterprise learning management straight to your fingertips — without the complications.

Most importantly, it’s designed by safety experts to be more in alignment with Environment, Health & Safety than any other kind of LMS.

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Thanks to the flexibility & simplicity of our learning system, the learning options you can create for your team are practically boundless. And setting things up only takes a few clicks.

EHS Management System Software Key Features

Supports All Kinds of Mainstream Media

Advance Safety Software makes it intuitive to design hands-on learning like never before -- just the way your tech-savvy employees want. In addition to supporting SCORM 1.2 and 2004, our course creation tool allows direct upload of MP4, FLV, HTML5, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PowerPoint slides, and more -- PLUS direct integration with YouTube, Vimeo and Prezi!

Safety Document Management

You are able to upload, manage, update & view employee documents of all kinds -- for training, performance assessments, competency validation forms, annual reviews, and more.

Flexible Exam Engine

Construct tests any way you want in a few clicks. Create standardized exams, or individualized tests with randomized questions & answers.

Drag-&-Drop System

Storing & organizing employee information and course creation is as easy as arranging files & folders on your computer's file manager -- allowing you to transfer & upload thousands of files at once. Save time, money and paper so you can focus on what's REALLY important...


More than 50% of the world's Internet traffic can be attributed to mobile devices. Advance Safety Software is fully mobile-responsive, with a layout adapting to any device screen size.

Easy Learning Reporting & Tracking

Export easy-to-understand Excel templates featuring full reports on course completion status & training records.

Fast Setup

Free yourself from the shackles of software that takes months to set up. Our EHS management system can be configured, up & running in as little as 2-3 days!

Application Programming Interface (API)

Plug it into your internal business systems -- payroll system, company intranet, etc. -- to facilitate imports, exports, synchronization & changes on your existing employee training data.

Secure Cloud-Based Safety Solution

Our software (and your data) is hosted using the latest in cloud storage, scalable to serve as many as thousands of new users quickly. Your information is safeguarded using HTTPS/SSL, dedicated firewalls and antivirus via PEER 1 Mission Critical Cloud technology.


From managing classroom training, coaching and mentoring to competency validation & tracking hours of experience, Advance Safety Software makes it easy as 1-2-3 to implement & support a rock-solid safety coaching & mentoring system, covering the broader spectrum of education.

Automated Email Notifications

Never forget to notify users of changes again. They'll know when courses are added to their account, their password is reset, or when any of their courses are approaching expiry.

Software Hosted 100% on Canadian Soil

Built by Canadians, for Canadians. Our software (and your data) is stored on servers that reside 100% on Canadian soil -- complying with Canadian privacy regulations.

Don’t get left behind. Supercharge your safety education today with Advance Safety Software – just as advanced as it is intuitive.