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Learning Management System cubes

Learning Management System

The Ultimate in Flexibility for Training Development & Management
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Training Record Management

Tracking Employee Training Records & Certifications — Without the Hassle
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Training Matrix

3-Step Automation Supercharges Your Training Record Management
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Incident Management

Quickly & Powerfully Track, Report & Prevent Incidents

The Advance Safety Software Way

Why does it have to be ‘THAT’ hard to manage your company’s safety needs?

In many industries, the administration & management of workplace safety is vital to the prosperity of a company — be it industrial, environmental or biological. If an entirely preventable safety risk goes unnoticed, or the proper training is neglected, just one incident or disaster could be enough to spell doom for your company’s reputation.

Are you aware that a poorly-implemented or hard-to-use safety management & training system is eating away at valuable time, energy & resources — and stressing you to where you can’t focus on what’s important to your company?

Safety training & management should be easy, allowing you to do more in the same amount of time or even less. When you have exact, predictable, mathematical systems in place, it will inevitably be easier for you to adequately educate your employees on safety risks, requirements & skills — and properly discipline them on their performance.

Introducing the Ultimate Automated Cloud-Based Software Solution for Health & Safety Management

Advance Safety Software provides an all-encompassing suite of EHS (environment, health & safety) software, running on the newest cloud technology and giving you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to designing & managing safety education.
With a unique focus on automation & systemization, our tools enable you to turn your safety training into a machine of mathematical systems. Be it tracking, managing & reporting on training in your companies, classroom management, storing your employees’ training records, equipment management or incident prevention, we make all areas of safety management easy to understand, and easier to accomplish with a reduced amount of keystrokes & clicks. Thanks to our automation, you have the full power to organize your employees’ safety education at the palm of your hands — therefore cultivating a positive company culture, improving productivity, improving human capital, and maximizing your company’s profitability.

Full Scope of Safety Software

Ever find yourself going to one place to locate one group of software, but going elsewhere to locate another? Our developers & experienced safety experts have looked high & low for all the gaps to fill in the safety software industry — allowing our software suites to cover the entire known spectrum of safety needs in all industries.

Advance Safety Software allows you to leave the struggles behind — and to focus on encouraging & motivating your employees to exercise their right to refuse unsafe work, and implement systems to prevent safety disasters — forseeable and unpredictable — from ever happening.

Complete EHS Software Library

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Training Record Management System >>

Training Matrix >>

Safety Incident Management Software >>

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Key Software Features

Diverse Library of 700+ Safety Courses

The largest library of approved & endorsed turn-key environment/health/safety courses in the nation, here at your disposal. Curated from dozens of professional training providers in North America, our safety training library gives you instant access to ABGCA-approved Ground Disturbance 201, government-approved First Aid, Defensive Driving, and more...

Safety Document Management

Learning Management System includes the ability to upload, manage, update & view employee documents of all kinds -- for training, performance assessments, competency validation forms, annual reviews, and more.

Driver Management

Has it ever been easier to ensure the competent, confident & safe use of your commercial vehicles? Easily upload & store driver's license info, traffic violations, Department of Transportation certification, HazMat endorsement, medical certificates, etc.

Role Management

Get full control over which users have how much access to company & system settings, based on a different level of security clearance you assign to every role.

Multi-Currency eCommerce Store Engine

Fully-managed secure shopping cart accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard & Amex. Our safety system's eCom engine allows you to sell products & services to customers in CAD and USD currencies.


From managing classroom training, coaching and mentoring to competency validation & tracking hours of experience, Advance Safety Software makes it easy as 1-2-3 to implement & support a rock-solid safety coaching & mentoring system, covering the broader spectrum of education.

Virtual Exam Proctoring

Easily validate online course completions. Our proctoring allows learners to provide permission to submit government issued-ID, and record them as they complete their training, solidifying the integrity of their credentials.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our software plugs into your business' internal authentication system -- your employees can access your company dashboard, and from there, directly access our software without needing to log in again.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Who said our software wasn't flexible? Plug it into your internal business systems -- payroll system, company intranet, etc. -- to facilitate imports, exports, synchronization & changes on your existing employee training data.

Automated Email Notifications

Never forget to notify users of changes again. They'll know when courses are added to their account, their password is reset, or when any of their courses are approaching expiry.

Search Engine

Simple search engine allows you to pull up resources in a second -- supporting queries including first name, last name, username, email, course code, company name, and more.

Secure Cloud-Based Safety Solution

Our software (and your data) is hosted using the latest in cloud storage, scalable to serve as many as thousands of new users quickly. Your information is safeguarded using HTTPS/SSL, dedicated firewalls and antivirus via PEER 1 Mission Critical Cloud technology.

Software Hosted 100% on Canadian Soil

Built by Canadians, for Canadians. Our software (and your data) is stored on servers that reside 100% on Canadian soil -- complying with Canadian privacy regulations.

Microsoft Excel Compatible

Our automation harnesses the industry standard of data management. Combine a giant group of information into an Excel template and upload it to our servers. What does it do? Upload 1000's of user accounts and 1000's of training records in bulk in a single quick -- and download reports in mere minutes.

SCORM Compliant

Create & publish your own training courses in SCORM 1.2 or 2004 formats using industry-standard rapid authoring tools.

Encryption Key Technology

Encryption tools to ensure the confidentiality of documents, digital forms & private information, so they cannot be accessed without senior admin rights and the company's 4-6 digit encryption key.