Training Record Management System (TRMS)

Never again suffer the blood, sweat & tears of being swamped in piles of certificates & records.

Our intuitive system lets you organize the madness of your employee training records in one centralized area.

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  • Allows YOU to Focus on Being In The Know About Your Employees’ Training status
  • Centralized All-In-One Hub to Easily Monitor Your Employees’ Learning
  • SSL-Secured Cloud-Based Solution
  • MS Excel-Compatible Data Management
  • 1-Click Update of Training Information
  • Tracks All Kinds of Training — Both Classroom & Online Learning

Managing Safety Training Records ... It's "Elementary, My Dear Watson!"

As part of our automation-focused Learning Management System (LMS), Advance Safety Software provides you with a totally flexible way to keep in touch with where your employees stand in their safety education.

Our Training Record Management System allows you to upload any kind of employee training record – including a copy of each certificate – from any provider … and then organize & view it all in one central place.

Records can be sorted & arranged in just a few clicks — and our Microsoft Excel compatibility allows you to upload & update thousands of records in a single click.

With the power & simplicity of our record management system, you’ll never have to worry again about being behind. You can fully exercise your organization’s responsibility for accurately recording safety training — making it easier to accurately judge where your team stands in their understanding of workplace safety, down to the hours each employee puts into their learning. And, most of all, making it easier to prevent undue incidents.


Training Record Management Key Features

Flexibility of Data

Track all aspects of all kinds of training, down to the certificates -- courses completed through our LMS, field training, in-class training, and training from outside systems. Manage and sort it all from one place. Go paperless and count on an effort-saving organization solution!


Never lose training records again.

Training Matrix

A compact visualization of training status, broken down by company role & training topics. Enter in the roles of your employees, the scope of your training topics, and the locations of your training, and watch as the software automatically generates a matrix before your eyes.

Automated Email Reports

Schedule automatic Excel reports of upcoming training expirations to be emailed to your team -- so EVERYONE knows sooner where each sector of your company stands in their safety compliance.

Training Gap Analysis

Ensure the full completion of safety training among your entire team. Excel spreadsheet instantly shows you how far behind any of your employees are in their training.

Excel Compatibility

Go paperless and harness the power of the industry standard in data management. Instantly upload & update thousands of user profiles and training information in a single click with Microsoft Excel documents.

Secure Cloud-Based Safety Solution

Our software (and your data) is hosted using the latest in cloud storage, scalable to serve as many as thousands of new users quickly. Your information is safeguarded using HTTPS/SSL, dedicated firewalls and antivirus via PEER 1 Mission Critical Cloud technology.

Interactive Instructor Dahboard

Employees can instantly upload records to their own account for review & approval -- saving you considerably on admin costs.

Don’t get left behind. Supercharge your safety education today with Advance Safety Software – just as advanced as it is intuitive.